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Yesterday I stumbled upon the interesting new service Filtrbox which also aims to help users to deal with information overload in a better way.

If you are using Google News Alerts, you know that you can make google send you only news articles that contain certain keywords, and also exclude articles using a minus in front of the keyword.

Filtrbox basically does the same, however with some nice enhancements:

Suggestion of keywords: after an initial keyword has been entered, filtrbox displays a cloud of additional tags that might be interesting to add/ exclude in your filtr
More user friendly interface: users can drag & drop suggested keywords to include or exclude them
Preview: you can watch what your filtr retrieves in real-time, making optimizing your filtr easy

Filtrbox screenshot

Beyond that, you can also apply a “filtrrank” to your filtr, which means excluding articles that don’t score high in the filtrbox ranking scale, which is a combination of “contextual relevance, popularity and users feedback” – we will see how well this works.

Filtrbox is certainly a useful service and I might be using it instead of google news alerts. At the moment however, being in private beta, the news sources seem to be rather limited, e.g. it retrieved no article for the search term “information overload”. Maybe that’s because the founders think that with their service there won’t be information overload any longer, but I doubt that ;-)

Anyway, useful service, check it out.

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